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Responsible for consulting and advising client brands on Amazon growth strategies. Pirawna optimizes and accelerates Amazon revenue for Brands by delivering everything from sales acceleration, third-party tracing, international expansion to Central/South America, Europe + beyond. We are specialized in working with publicly traded corporations and new startups alike looking to go from zero to $1 million / year on Amazon and beyond.

Main Jobsite Location:
Rawson Technologies LLC
dba Pirawna
7911 Herschel Ave.
La Jolla, CA 92037.

In this capacity, you will be required to report to the Chief Operations Officer and handle the following:

  1. Works directly with our Sr. Amazon Marketing Account Managers and our VP’s of Marketplace Operations to promote our clients’ Amazon business and assist them in expanding overseas in international Amazon Marketplaces;
  2. Responsible for driving conversion and traffic to achieve our clients’ Amazon objectives;
  3. Interface with multitude of clients, that each have their unique set of needs;
  4. Must communicate in the Spanish language when necessary; 25% of the time will be spent using the Spanish language;
  5. Will be required to speak in the Spanish language on a regular basis to international, Spanish speaking clients within the European, Central and South American markets;
  6. Implement and execute on action items needed to list, stock, and sell various client branded items on;
  7. Assist in optimizing item listings on, including but not limited to, SEO content, images, video;
  8. Research and create advertising campaigns on to improve customer awareness and conversion of branded items on;
  9. Analyze and report on key KPIs and Amazon results for each client to present to their executive team and board on progress, successes and failures, and how capital is being managed through the platform;
  10. Compile and interpret advertising results including, but not limited to spend, sales, and keyword efficiency, to best steer client strategy and success on;
  11. Use industry tools to mine data on competitive landscapes for a variety of categories and clients, and analyze in order to assist in marketing strategy, research and development, pricing, and competitor analysis.
  12. Perform detailed analysis on clients’ performance over time to help clients determine demand and assist in leveraging Amazon data to help them grow on the platform and in other sales channels.
  13. Report to and consult with Pirawna leadership to develop processes and workflow to help the agency and the client brands successfully grow their businesses.
  14. Help, train, educate new team members at Pirawna to perform the regular activities.

Minimum Requirements:
Bachelor’s Degree in International Business, or closely related field, or its foreign equivalent plus 1 year of experience in a Marketplace Operations role specializing in selling products and consulting on Amazon using the FBA service and PPC marketing. Progressive experience with same employer accepted.

Special Requirements:
Must have in depth knowledge in international exporting, international marketing management; Amazon Marketplace Operations; and Strong PPC knowledge in Creating, managing and optimizing the different types of Advertisements in the Amazon Marketing Console (Sponsor Product Sponsor brand, Sponsor Brand Video, Sponsor Display); Strong Skills in Tools/Tech: Helium 10, Downstream, Cobalt, Jungle Scout, Asana, & Canva Pro; Must be fluent in Spanish/English (written/spoken)


  1. Full Time, 40 Hrs / week
  2. Long Term Employment
  3. $63,877.00 / year

Send Resume to:
Rawson Technologies LLC dba Pirawna
Attn: Hannah Rawson
Operations Manager

7330 Stonebrook Pkwy
Suite 150
Frisco, TX 75034


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